About Virgin Australia's New Business Class

27th Jun 2012

Since the demise of Ansett over a decade ago, there's not much competition in the domestic market that would offer business class travelers a wide option to choose from. When Virgin Australia launched its business class service for its domestic routes, business travelers were elated and welcomed the good news. We provide this guide to give travelers what they should know about this new service from Virgin.

Gone are Virgin Australia's premium economy class seats and service. Now, business travelers across Australia will now have a reason to book any of Virgin's domestic routes. The business class seats and service are offered in almost of its entire fleet of Boeing 737.

The carrier has a current fleet of 64 Boeing 737s but a handful of them is under lease. All of those older 737s that they own shall be refurbished and refitted with business class seats. The leased aircraft are excluded in the refitting program.

Virgin Australia already has Airbus A330 planes serving three of the busiest domestic routes in the country namely: Sydney-Perth, Melbourne-Sydney and Melbourne-Perth.


The carrier is embarking on a bold campaign to lure domestic travelers to its business class service by offering a special promotion to its frequent flyer passengers. They will get double points as well as two times the usual status credit for Velocity frequent flyers.


The new business class seating configuration of Virgin Australia's Boeing 737 is 2-2 or 4 seats in both sides of the aisle. The seats are clad in leather, featuring a 38-inch pitch and considerably more room for reclining. Electric socket is also installed in case your laptop battery runs low.


Passengers in the business class will get to enjoy a more personalized service from a cabin supervisor and a flight attendant who will attend to each of their needs on board. On morning flights, passengers are offered a selection of broadsheets and dailies. For 'coast to coast' flight, a coat check as well as a coat bag is provided for its passengers. They will also have a toilet for their exclusive use.


Business class passengers will get plenty of eating moments, six in all. In between those three big meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), another three light meals or snacks are also offered on board. Aside from these 'timed' meal options, these flight also offer free choices of for-purchase menu, from snacks to meals and beverages.


Though most of these flights still offer the usual bulky digiplayers, Virgin is planning to replace them with iPads by the middle of this year as part of its in-flight entertainment upgrade.