Air Marshal Restrain Violent Passenger on Sydney Flight

18th Jan 2016

An Australian air marshal had to intervene on a Qantas Perth-Sydney flight yesterday and apprehend a 45-year-old man who was abusive and violent to other passengers and air hostesses.

According to another passenger, Simon Bowen, the man boarded the plane in Perth and soon "began to demonstrate anti-social behavior". Mr. Bowen said:

"He sparked off a little bit of a loud request for a drink, which went denied? there was a bit of abuse towards the air hostesses. It erupted in a bit of violence and a bit of fists being thrown towards people and a couple of nearby fellows managed to just get a handle on him."

Mr. Bowen added:

"While they were holding the fellow, the stewardess shouted and they did have an air marshal on board who was absolutely superb in the calmness."

Another passenger, Mr. Brown, who helped guard the man later on during the flight, also commented on the incident:

"Two fellas managed to stop him and get a hold of him because his arms were flailing around and he was hurling abuse at everybody."

According to the airline, none of their staff were harmed by the man during his tirade.

Once the plane landed in Sydney, the passenger was handed to the Australian Federal Police in handcuffs. He was allowed to leave the airport soon and as of yet, no charges have been laid against him.

Police is currently making inquiries into the incident and is gathering testimonies from other passengers and from the staff who were on the plane at the time.