Auckland Airport Welcomes Jetstar Move

26th Aug 2015

Auckland Airport's chief executive Adrian Littlewood said he welcomes the arrival of Jetstar to regional routes as something beneficial for his company and for travelers.

The Australian carrier is to announce four destinations it will fly in the regions, with the airport in Auckland one of the favorites to be included in the new network.

According to Littlewood, Jetstar's regional network would feed into its international network, which also includes Qantas and Emirates. Thus, Jetstar could give international travelers and extra option or two.

He said:

"I do thing that's a big part of the story of how airlines work in alliances they form. To have Jetstar and their alliance partners having onward services not just on the jet routes but also on the regional routes will make quite the difference. I'm interested in how that is going to play out."

Jetstar is still pondering which of the seven destinations (Hamilton, Nelson, Palmerston North, Invercargill, Napier, Rotorua, Tauranga and New Plymouth) to choose for its new regional routes. So far, Nelson and Napier are seen as favorites.

In preparation, Littlewood explained, Auckland Airport is allotting more stands for turbo props serving the regions, which can only help tourism grow.

This Monday, the airport released its full-year profit concluded with 30th June. Revenue went up from AUS$238.88M in 2014 to AUS$248.02M for this year. In addition, sales are now AUS$714.95 million, which is 6.9 per cent higher than last year. Income also rose to AUS$131.18 million (6.5% up).

Littlewood also elaborated on the departure of General Manager for Corporate Affairs Charles Spillane and Chief Financial Officer Simon Robertson, who left the company following the latest review:

"The review resulted in some changes in the long-term incentive scheme."

Auckland Airport is now looking for replacements for these two executives.