Binge Watch HBO TV Shows on Qantas Flights

10th Jul 2015

Qantas passengers will now have something else to do on their flight other than sleeping and reading books. The Australian airline has made a deal with Foxtel and is bringing four of its channels to its in-flight entertainment.

What Qantas' customers will probably look forward to the most is the HBO channel. With it, passengers will have access to 120 hours of on-demand TV shows and movies. This includes shows like 'Game of Thrones', 'True Detective', 'Veep', 'Girls' and 'Ballers'.

Apart from HBO, passengers will be able to watch three other channels - National Geographic, Entertainment by Foxtel and Lifestyle by Foxtel.

According to the Australian carrier, there will be 20 hours of fresh HBO content every month and a total of 160 hours of new Foxtel content per month that its passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy during flights.

Qantas In-Flight Entertainment System Overhaul

Last month Qantas overhauled its entire in-flight entertainment system and has brought a star ranking system for passengers to rate shows. The in-flight entertainment also includes a playlist feature and the ability to binge watch shows.

Jo Boundy, Head of Digital and Entertainment at Qantas explained that, in the last few months, the in-flight entertainment overhaul raised customer satisfaction levels to 'record levels'. According to her, the four new channels now in offer are only the next logical step.

Boundy said:

"A lot of our customers look forward to making the most of the opportunity for some uninterrupted viewing time on board, and for many it's a chance to catch up with their favorite shows. That's why we invest heavily in making sure we have fresh content and a wide range of programs to cater for different tastes."

Now if you'll excuse me, this author has some catching up to do with 'Silicon Valley'.