Brisbane Airport Treats Travelers With Free Coffee and Tim Tams

15th Nov 2014

The upcoming 2014 G-20 Summit to be held in this city is expected to affect commercial flights in and out of the airport later this week as delegates and their families will start arriving for the event.

The airport management has devised a way to comfort passengers whose flights may be affected by arriving and departing flights bearing the summit delegates.

If you happen to pass through Brisbane Airport anywhere between Thursday, Friday and Sunday, your flights might experience a delay, either arriving late or departing a little later. But don't despair, Brisbane Airport will give away free coffee vouchers and packs of Tim Tams.

During the first two days, Thursday and Friday, charter flights carrying delegates will start arriving. The summit takes place on the entire day Saturday until early afternoon Sunday. By late afternoon until evening, the delegates are expected to start departing Brisbane.

Airport officials want to minimize, if not completely eliminate, the displeasure of passengers on commercial flights which may be delayed by a few minutes to an hour.

According to Brisbane Airport Corporate Relations Head, Rachel Crowley, the summit is an opportunity for a host city and the entire country to show its good attributes to its guests and the world.

Passengers awaiting their flights may get the chance to go on a 'head of state spotting' as official delegates getting off Presidential planes at the tarmac. Prominent heads of states expected to attend the summit are U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Crown Prince of Arabia, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, among others.

If you're not lucky to get the rare chance of seeing the leaders in person at the airport, there are several 'Selfie Centres' installed at designated areas in the terminal where you can find life-size standees of the world leaders attending the summit.

Also happening at the domestic terminal during the period will be a chalk art extravaganza and free G-20 flag tattoo, courtesy of La Boite Theatre Company in cooperation with Brisbane Airport.