British Airways to Offer Chauffeur Driven Service

11th Jun 2013

First-class travelers traveling out of Sydney via British Airways will soon get to experience something only very important persons are accorded to - a chauffeur-driven service between their place and Sydney airport.

British Airways will launch such complimentary service in July this year as part of its continuing effort to enhance its service geared towards the premium passengers. By then, first-class passengers who fly with them will now travel in style from the moment they step out of their home or office via a chauffeured Jaguar or Range Rover.

British Airways, however, didn't provide details as to the prescribed distance between the place of origin of the passengers and the airport to be considered 'free' before they charge a fee for every extra distance unit covered.

Some speculate that BA might offer the chauffeur-driven service within the same radial distance offered by its rivals, Emirates and Qantas (40 kilometers) as well as Etihad (50 kilometer-radius).

For the record, all the above rival airlines offer the service to both first-class and business class passengers as opposed to BA's first-class passengers only.

Qantas is also expanding its chauffeur-driven service to cover all flights between Australia and the cities of Dallas, New York and Los Angeles in the USA; Santiago, Chile in South America and Johannesburg, in South Africa. It is currently offering the service to passengers flying to and from Dubai and London.

Indonesia's Garuda, on the other hand, will also offer a similar service starting in August this year to its business class passengers who are flying in and out of Brisbane in its Brisbane-Denpasar flights.