Business Class Upgrade With Qantas

26th Apr 2014

Are you curious how to be seated in a business class when all you need is simply to get to your destination as soon as you want? Do you want to take that curiosity to the next level without buying an expensive business class ticket? Get an upgrade!

Getting an upgrade to a business class when flying with any airline is almost rare, only because you don't know well enough how to avail of such service. With Qantas, it is as simple as using your Qantas Points.

The points that you have accumulated in your Qantas Frequent Flyer program from the numerous travels you made here and abroad will enable you to get the chance to get a business class accommodation through seat upgrade.

If you haven't tried using the points stored in your Qantas Points card before, you must have piled up huge number of points already. And it's about time to redeem those points to your advantage.

The number of points you need to get the upgrade depends largely on the fare that you purchased for your accommodation and the distance of your trip that your flight takes. If your ticket is flexible fare or premium economy you need fewer points than a ticket on a regular economy.

If the ticket you purchased on a Sydney-Perth flight is a flexible fare, for instance, you only need 10,000 points to spare to get an upgrade to a business class on that flight. You need twice that number if your ticket is a regular economy.

The number of points that you need to get an upgrade to a business class on an overseas flight will correspondingly go higher with the mileage flown. If you take the Melbourne-Hong Kong flight, for instance, you need 40,000 points from your Qantas Points to be able to enjoy the world-class business class service on that trip. A trip to Los Angeles from Sydney will require you to take off 72,000 points from your frequent flyer card.

You can calculate how many points you need for a particular trip that you are going to take in your future travels by going to the Qantas website and make a request. You may also call directly their office and even at any of the airline's airport lounges.