Designer for New Qantas Flight Attendant Uniforms Named

5th Jun 2012

Qantas employees including the flight attendants will be donning soon the creation of Martin Grant as Qantas announced the other day it hired the Australian fashion designer to design all its uniforms.

The airline employees have been wearing uniforms created by Peter Morrissey for eight years until October last year when Qantas made a startling revelation that it has ended the service of Morrissey.

The carrier publicly unveiled the identity of the new designer this morning after eight months of a worldwide search who will perform a complete revamp of the Qantas' image.

During the Paris Fashion Week in October last year, the Australian designers Collette Dinnigan and Grant met with the Qantas representatives shortly after they decided to scrap Morrissey's original creation. Morrissey designed the airline's uniforms starting in 2003 when he was chosen to do the job and extended his service in 2008 when he updated the design which would see its final appearance anytime soon.

Grant has started to become visible in important social events in the country, especially during the reopening of Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art in March early this year, which also saw the attendance of Alan Joyce, Qantas' Chief Executive.

The fashion designer who is based in Paris, was reportedly to be in town to introduce to the Qantas management his original creation for the airline's new uniform.

The two others who showed to Qantas their creations were Dion Lee and Josh Goot but Qantas leaned towards the creations made by Dinnigan and Grant, who are, incidentally, both close to selection committee member Charlotte Stockdale. Stockdale is said to be the partner of Marc Newson, also a Qantas designer.

The lucky designer chosen for the dream job is expected to create a look that is consistent to Qantas' mark of excellence. The multimillion-dollar contract for the carrier's uniforms is believed to last for ten years.