Fight on Jetstar Plane Diverts to Bali

22nd Jul 2016

A group of disorderly and drunk Australian and New Zealand passengers got into a bloody brawl on board Jetstar flight from Sydney to Phuket when the pilot finally decided they were being too disruptive and were posing a danger to the rest of the passengers and the crew and decided to divert the plane to Denpasar Airport in Bali, Indonesia.

There, the Indonesian police and airport officials were waiting for the six passengers and they were escorted off the plane and into custody, where they were held for questioning.

In a statement, the rowdy passengers explained that they were drunk and apoligised for their conduct, saying:

"We apologise and are deeply sorry for the passengers and staff of Jetset [sic] flight Sydney to Phuket and the Bali immigration for making us feel at home."

The group is to be deported to Australia, with a police escort and will not face criminal charges in Indonesia, since they were travelling with an Australian airline. They are, however, looking at paying tens of thousands of dollars for costing Jetstar around US$100,000.

A Jetstar spokeswoman said the following about the incident:

"A group of six passengers travelling together were being extremely disruptive amongst themselves and refused requests from our crew. The captain decided to divert the flight to Bali where Indonesian police took the disruptive passengers off the aircraft."

She also added:

"We take safety and security seriously and we don't tolerate disruptive behaviour by passengers on our flights. The other customers on board supported the decision to offload the group in Bali and thanked the crew."

The fight reportedly started when one of the members of the group picked a fight with another passenger and his friends intervened to try and stop him.

According to another passenger, who was sitting in the same row as they did, the group was "rowdy, obnoxious, standing up and leaning over her seat, even before the plane took off from Sydney Airport."

The group has been identified as: Michael John Matthews, Mark Paul Eric Rossiter, Ricky Longmuir William, Brett Eldridge, Lynmin Richard Waharai and Bradley Nigel Beecham.