Getting into Qantas First Class Domestic Lounge

15th Jun 2012

Getting into the first class lounge of Qantas Airlines would mean picking the flight schedule of either Jetstar of Qantas which will come from Melbourne and Sydney Airports. The flight usually stops at Brisbane if your airport of origin is Sydney or vice versa. This international flight would usually stop either airport before or after its international segment.

Given that you know the flight number, the domestic legs of that flight can be normally booked as a domestic flight.

To demonstrate, take flight QF19 from Qantas. This flight leaves Sydney International Airport and makes a stopover at Brisbane before proceeding to its final destination, Manila. Travelers bound for The Philippines are allowed to board this flight at either airport in Brisbane or Sydney. With similar price as a regular Qantas service, you can book the domestic segment of the flight which is the Sydney-Brisbane leg.

Other possibilities for you to enjoy the first class airport lounges of Qantas include frequent flying with Qantas, of course, to earn points or credits that may entitle you to earn Platinum status or earn Emerald status from Oneworld partner airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways and Cathay Pacific.

The following is a list of flights you need to look for if you want to enjoy delectable meals and cozy ambiance at Qantas first class lounges in either Melbourne or Sydney.

JQ36: Melbourne to Sydney (leaves Melbourne 9am)

JQ30: Melbourne to Sydney (leaves Melbourne 11.35am)

JQ3: Melbourne to Sydney (leaves Melbourne 2.15pm)

JQ38: Sydney to Melbourne (leaves Sydney 9am)

JQ29: Sydney to Melbourne (leaves Sydney 10.05am)

JQ35: Sydney to Melbourne (leaves Sydney 3pm)

QF19: Sydney to Brisbane (leaves Sydney 10.45am)

JQ19: Sydney to Gold Coast (leaves Sydney 7am)

JQ15: Sydney to Cairns (leaves Sydney 8am)

QF81: Sydney to Adelaide ( eaves Sydney 12pm)

What about customs?

Be sure to have your ID ready on hand as it is required when custom or immigration officials ask for it.

An orange 'D' sticker shall be affixed to you boarding pass as you check in, which identifies your flight as a domestic flight. This enables you to breeze through customs in no time.

Naturally, there are some caveats...

Be warned though that the privilege you want to enjoy comes with a price, as usual.

Consider the following:

? Flights don't depart daily. Be flexible with your travel date.

? Since the flight leaves from the international terminal, you need to observe the rules regarding international flights.

? If you are on a Jetstar flight, its cheapest fares don't earn frequent flyer credits or points.

? Online check-in for the domestic leg is not allowed. Show up early at the airport to avoid long lines.