How to Spend Your Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Wisely

19th Mar 2013

Racking up points for your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership is easy as abc - fly frequently and use your credit card every time you stay in a hotel.

The following steps show you how to maximize your points.

1 Don't trade your points at the frequent flyer store

Make no mistake of trading your points for goods when you shop at airline's online store. Your frequent flyer points have specific value like a unique currency.

In Qantas' case, for example, its frequent flyer points function like a de facto currency second only to Aussie dollar.

Depending on how you spend your points, their value will be variable.

For example, a $100 Myer Gift Card sold by Qantas can earn you as much as 13,500 points whose baseline value is 0.74 each.

2 Think twice about ''free'' flights

The best advice one could ever get when contemplating about buying cheap flights using your frequent flyer points is a big NO.

Don't ever make a fool of yourself by taking the bait dangled on you. They don't really offer you good value for your hard-earned points.

As a point of reference, a flight on economy ticket from Sydney to Melbourne via Qantas may cost you $100, equivalent to 8,000 points. You will be charged 0.71 cents per-point value if you use your points, plus you will get to pay additional fees when you redeem them.

In contrast, a return flight on business ticket on Qantas' Sydney-London route may cost you $10,000 which is equivalent to 128,000 but its per-point value is almost 8 cents or 11 times over than a marked-down domestic ticket.

3 Book an international business class ''Any Seat Award''

Another trick you can maximize your frequent flyer points is to opt for a business class ticket on Qantas. What?

Yes, the airline offers two variants of award seats: the standard Classic Award and the Any Seat Award. The former offers very limited seats on each flight while the latter gives you unlimited choice of seats.

The Any Seat Award may offer unlimited choice of seats but it costs more points than Classic Award. However, the good part there is that, aside from earning more frequent flyer points and status credits for you, all taxes and charges are included.

4 Apply for an upgrade

Taking advantage of the best ways to spend your points is what you always need to look for when you fly more frequently.

Always look for tickets that can be upgraded. Qantas, for example, offer upgrade service to most flights even at the last minute. Use your points when you want to upgrade tickets from economy to business or premium seats.

5 Call in the experts

What we mean here are the frequent flyer themselves, not the airline personnel or travel agents. Frequent travelers literally know almost everything about the goings-on, so to speak, of the air travel business. Seek advice from them and ask vital information regarding the optimum use of your frequent flyer points.