Hugh Jackman Joins Qantas as Global Ambassador

8th Sep 2015

Australian-born Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who is best known for the role of Wolverine in X-Men movies, will be joining Miranda Kerr and John Travolta as a global ambassador for Qantas.

The way, the Australian flagship carrier hopes to use Jackman's huge worldwide appeal as a magnet (not like Magneto, mind you) for U.S. and Asian markets.

Jackman, who resides in New York, said:

"I travel a lot and like all Aussies, I get a buzz whenever I see the familiar red tail and the kangaroo logo, no matter where I am in the world. Qantas is great airline with great people and represents the very best of our wonderful country."

To his American friends who say that "Australia is too far to visit" Jackman has a ready reply:

"It's as easy as getting on a plane, having a few glasses of wine, a meal, watching a movie, having a nap and you are there. It's absolutely worth it when you get there. It's Australia. Just go!"

The famous actor also said:

"Qantas has always had a vital role in promoting Australia as a tourism destination and I;, looking toward to playing my part as we work together to showcase our amazing cities, landscapes and experiences in the US,, Asia and beyond."

Alan Joyce, Chief Executive Officer at Qantas welcomed Jackman saying:

"Hugh represents everything that the world loves about Australians and he has used his enormous international success to promote Australia as well as highlight causes that are close to his heart. We will build on the work both Qantas and Hugh are already doing and together we believe we have the capacity to create some truly life changing opportunities."

Jackman is currently starring in the movie "Pan" and prepares for a tour of his new show "Broadway to Oz", which starts in November.