Jetstar and AirAsia X Square Off For Melbourne Bali Route

28th Oct 2014

The latest battle involving the two low-cost carriers now happens in the Melbourne-Bali route, with both airlines outsmarting each other by offering customers less than $100 for a one-way travel originating from Melbourne to Bali.

Jetstar, on Monday, suddenly launched its own promo offering $88 for a one-way ticket to Bali from Melbourne, thus preempting the battle royale. This came moments after AirAsia X announced that it will hold a seats sale Tuesday night for its inaugural flight between Melbourne and Bali, offering $99 all-in fares.

This enabled Jetstar to get an upper hand over its rival. But, as quick as it went up, its system crashed down just as quick, making displeased customers seethed in anger. They even took their frustrations and displeasure to the social media castigating the airline severely.

While the seats sale went on after the system was fixed later in the evening, it didn't appease angry customers who had to wait for hours to book their tickets. But there were many frustrated customers who were unable to book a ticket.

AirAsia X launched its own promo to usher in the inaugural service between Melbourne and Bali. The seats sale, with tickets offered at insanely low $99 for a one-way travel, ran for five full days until November 2.

The long-haul low-cost brand of the budget travel giant is eying Australia as the next location for its expansion. It has already covered three major regional corners of Asia: Western, Northern and Eastern Asia. Now, Australia is the next logical choice for its further expansion.

Bali is the strategic point for its Australian expansion as the world-renowned resort destination has been very popular to many travelers down under who want to enjoy their vacation in a tropical paradise close to home.

Australians' preference on low-cost and foreign carriers over home-grown airlines steadily increases in the past ten years. This has steadily eroded the market share of both Qantas and its subsidiaries flying on routes that are also served by foreign-based and budget carriers.

Bali continues to be a popular destination to most Australian holiday makers for its close proximity to home.