Jetstar Apologizes for Canceling Perth-Bali Last Saturday

22nd Jan 2016

As about hundred or so passengers were waiting at the Perth airport for their flight to Bali last weekend, they received the worse possible announcement from the airline that they could at the moment.

The flight is cancelled. It was 6:20 AM when the call was made over the loudspeaker and the would-be passengers had to take their bags back and find an alternative.

A few days later, Jetstar, the airline that was supposed to fly the A320 from Perth to Bali, issued an apology to its customers for cancelling the flight on such a short notice.

According to a spokesman for the company, Jetstar was forced to cancelled the flight because one of their crew member "became unwell" shortly before the plane was about to leave the airport.

Here's what the spokesman said:

"While these types of cancellations are very rare, we understand it would have been extremely frustrating and our team worked to get passengers to their destination as quickly as possible on alternative flights."

No replacement could be found on such short notice and since the Australian aviation regulation demand four flight attendants on board the Airbus A320, the flight was cancelled.

This was confirmed by one of the passengers who said:

"When we asked why the flight was cancelled, they said a staff member didn't turn up. We saw the pilots so assumed it was a flight attendant."

Since Jetstar didn't reschedule the flight, passengers had to get their bags (which were already loaded onto the plane) back and basically fend for themselves.

The same passenger said:

"Ten people got on the next flight in an hour and the rest of us had to walk back downstairs. Afterwards the lines were huge and going nowhere at the Jetstar counter."

She and some other passengers decided to contact the airline by phone and were offered a flight at 8:00 PM, but she refused and booked a flight with another airline.

This being a last-minute booking, cost the passenger even more cash.

She had this to say about it:

"My Jetstar refund won't be processed for a few weeks so I had to come up with the extra flight money, plus it was more."

At least the delayed customers weren't hungry or thirsty as Jetstar provided food and refreshment for them, as well as accommodation and vouchers.