Jetstar Computer Glitch Causes Chaos

20th Dec 2014

Tens of thousands of passengers were visibly upset after their flights were delayed by as much as three hours.

Airports across the country are swarmed with passengers during the usual holiday rush. Last Saturday's incident worsened the situation at the airports when Jetstar computer system went down, causing delayed flights that angered its passengers who were in the airports eager to see their loved ones for the holiday.

According to the airline source, the glitch was mainly due to data storage issue but it was resolved shortly after, at about 7:30am. However, the airline staff had to process most of the operations manually, which really caused further delays.

The incident affected an estimated 70,000 Jetstar passengers in airports all over the country during that particular period.

Jetstar CEO, David Hall, expressed his apology through the media to all affected passengers saying that they never wanted to spoil their customers' mood during the festive season. He added that they strove hard to correct their system as soon as possible to ensure they will be able to get to their destinations safe and happy despite the minor delay.

Some of the affected passengers aired their frustrations on the airline over the social media blaming Jetstar for its lack of proper communication.

Mr. Hall continued that they were coordinating with Qantas, Jetstar?s mother unit, to ferry those who were affected to their destinations and ensure they get their connecting flights on time.

He also said that technical team was able to identify the problem of the system and hoped it would never happen again in the future.

A twit from a Jetstar employee lashing out at passengers who were affected by the recent glitch caused an uproar in the social media.

She called them whiners and told them to grow up. Her twit and the one she posted on the Facebook page of a major Australian newspaper made a scathing remark at angry passengers who, she said, lack empathy on the staff who were working hard to deal with their behavior.