Jetstar Gold Coast-Wuhan Service Takes off Late September

8th Sep 2015

The Australian International Air Services Commission has granted Jetstar's parent company Qantas the rights for "unlimited passenger capacity between points in Australia other than Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and points in China other than Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou".

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the IASC said:

"The capacity is intended to be used by Qantas' wholly-owned subsidiary, Jetstar Airways Pty Limited (Jetstar), to operate services between the Gold Coast and Wuhan from 29 September 2015."

The first flight on what will be a two-weekly service between Gold Coast and Wuhan is scheduled for the 29th September the service will be operated with Boeing 787-8s, which has a 355 seat capacity.

According to the air services arrangements between Australia and China, Australian airline companies can operate using any type of aircraft without limitations regarding either frequency or capacity in either direction to and from all points in Australia, save for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and all points in China.

At the route's launch back in May, Jetstar Australia and New Zealand chief executive David Hall said:

"We're really pleased to contribute to this unique partnership and it's a great opportunity for us to build our presence in the Chinese market with the establishment of a direct service from Australia."

A big part in bringing together the two destinations was played by Dalian Wanda Group through their support of its Hubei Wanda New Airline International Travel Services division.

For Jetstar, this will be the first non-stop service between Australia and China, although the carrier has before received charter services from Cathay Pacific and China Southern. The carrier has also previously offered one-stop services from Australian to Beijing via Singapore.

Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei province in central China and has 10 million people living in it.