Jetstar Lambasted For Website Crash

29th Oct 2014

The seats sale went awry when the airline's website crashed after the system failed to process the unexpected volume of buyers wanting to snap the rare chance to get the unbelievably cheap tickets to the resort destination of Bali.

The said seat sales must have drawn an unprecedented volume of buyers that the system was unable to handle due to the sheer volume of information that it had to process in a given period of time.

Jetstar launched its seats sale with its $88 tickets which are too cheap to be missed. As a result, customers trooped to the website in a frenzy that overwhelmed the system's data processing center. The tickets are for the one-way travel from Australia to Bali.

Earlier, AirAsia, the low-cost giant known for its year-round all-in fares, launched its $99 promo seats sale as its offering during its inaugural flight from Melbourne to Bali.

After it suffered massive setback from social media, Jetstar finally aired its side through broadcast media and expressed its apology to the public.

The seats sale went on sale Monday 4PM to which customers readily took the chance to snare cheap tickets. The sheer traffic volume overwhelmed the system that it suddenly crashed sending many prospectors venting their frustrations and ire through social media.

The system went up again only after hours but angry customers seemed not wanting to let it go without lambasting the airline publicly.

The airline issued its apology and explained their side and said that seats sale is ongoing with plenty of seats still up for grabs.

The airline just announced recently that it will pare down its carry-on baggage allowance on all flights passing through Australian airports starting next month, from the existing 10kg to 7kg.

This new baggage allowance policy will only take effect for travel starting November 25. Any bookings made today for travels on the said date and onwards will already be covered by this restriction.

Those who travel on the said date or later but booked their flights before October 28 are still allowed to carry up to 10kg cabin luggage.

The 7kg weight restriction applies to all travelers on all classes. Both economy and business travelers now share the same weight allowance for their carry-on baggage, down from 10kg and 20kg respectively.