Jetstar Offers International Flights from $99

2nd Mar 2017

Australian airline Jetstar is looking to get back in customers' good graces with some cheap international flight fares and is launching a five-day sale on its website starting at $99 for Townsville to Bali flights.

In addition, Jetstar is also offering Perth-Singapore from $109, Sydney or Melbourne to Queenstown from $159, as well as Hawaii from Melbourne from $269, among other routes.

The sale has already started and will end next week on Monday, 6th March, 2016, 11:59 pm, Australian time.

Here are the routes available in the sale:

? Sydney or Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Phuket from $189

? Sydney or Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Ho Chi Minh from $179

? Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Bangkok from $189

? Sydney or Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Queenstown from $159

? Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Singapore from $159

? Perth to Singapore from $109

? Gold Coast to Auckland from $149

? Townsville to Bali (Denpasar) from $99

? Darwin to Singapore from $119

? Sydney to Christchurch from $125

? Sydney or Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Christchurch from $125

? Gold Coast to Christchurch from $139

? Sydney to Honolulu from $269

? Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Honolulu from $269

? Sydney or Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Bali (Denpasar) from $219

? Brisbane to Bali (Denpasar) from $209

? Perth to Bali (Denpasar) from $129

Jetstar Denies Child Tantrum was the Reason Family wasn't allowed to Fly

The sale is a good move by the carrier, after having some PR problems. Most recently, Laura Kimber, Jetstar passenger claimed she and her sons were not allowed to fly after one of her sons threw a tantrum.

The airline, however, denied this was the reason why passengers were not allowed to board. A spokesperson said:

On February 22 our crew reported disruptive behaviour by adult passengers at the boarding gate at Hamilton Island Airport. Due to the disruptive behaviour the group of travellers was not accepted for boarding and advised they would be able to travel on the next available flight instead. Thousands of infants and children fly with us every day and we do not ban a passenger from flying due to a child's behaviour, and we have not done so in this case.

Laura and her sons were traveling to Hamilton Island on 11th February, when one of the sons threw himself on the floor.

She said:

I was told by a crew member to get him off the floor because the plane was landing and if I didn't they would have to circle the plane because of me. I asked the hostess, 'what's the problem?', and they said they were waiting on confirmation from the captain to allow our group on the flight, because there were issues on the flight up.