Jetstar Passenger Files Complaint After Air Rage Incident

4th Jun 2015

Sunny, a mother of a 12-year-old daughter Lilly lodged a formal complaint the passenger in front of her hit her kid with a reclining seat.

This happened during a Melbourne-Sydney flight this Sunday.

The mother did not want her last name to be revealed, but said that the other passenger user her seat to lash out at her daughter with intent. Apparently, the enraged passenger was irritated with Sunny's daughter Lilly and wanted her to "shut up".

The two passengers then got into a squabble, and as a result, the crew had to separate them till the end of the flight.

According to Sunny, the incident began when her daughter started tapping the tray while she was on her lap. The passenger behind her, she said, started glaring at her and asking her to "stop that tapping".

"I tried to hold her and I gave her milk. I tried to get her to go to sleep but she wouldn't go to sleep, so I was just trying to keep her entertained. After about half an hour the other passenger just kind of lost it and basically pushed her seat back as hard as she could and her seat went right back and it just slammed into my daughter's head."

Sunny further continued:

"And my daughter screamed and she started crying and then I just kind of lost it and I just stood up and I was like: 'you know you just hit my daughter in the head'. And her boyfriend was like: 'well, we told you to stop that tapping.'" I pushed her chair she turned around and said: 'I've got spinal injuries'". And her partner said: 'you just did that on purpose' and I was like: 'well, you hit my baby on purpose'".

A spokesperson for Jetstar said the company was concerned that one of its guests felt uncomfortable onboard its plane. He also said:

"Our cabin crew did the right thing by separating the customers and offering further assistance."

The spokesman also said they advised Sunny to go to the police if she wants to take action against the other passenger.

"We would assist with any police investigation. Generally speaking, our customers are courteous and respectful towards one another and incidents like this are extremely rate."