Jetstar Plane Had Brake Indicator Problems but Landed Safely at Perth Airport

16th Oct 2015

Jetstar passengers who were returning from Bali will likely remember their return flight for a long time, but fortunately everything ended up just fine thanks to the reaction of the pilot.

Namely, the captain of the flight JQ117 saw that there was a problem with the brake indicator on the deck controls during flight. He was then told by air traffic controllers at Perth Airport to circle around until the runway is clear for landing.

Jetstar issued a statement regarding the incident:

"Following a short period of holding, the captain landed the aircraft safely. There was no issue with the aircraft braking system during the landing."

According to the passengers who were in the plane, the pilot attempted to land at one point, but then climbed steeply away from the runway.

Beau Stone, 14, had a 'trial by fire' so to speak, as this was his first solo flight. After stepping on some solid ground at Perth Airport, Beau said:

"We were coming in for landing which was pretty normal at the start but as we came through, about two minutes off landing, we pulled up really quickly and really hard, so it threw you back in your seat. It was pretty scary but they handled it really well. They were telling us the whole time what was happening and what they were doing to fix it."

Beau's father said his son has been texting him the whole time, informing him what is going on:

"Being the first flight on your own, it was really, really bad. But I said to him, you should be fine mate? but after it circled for 40 minutes I knew something was wrong then. Seeing it do that vertical jump, that was unreal."

Jetstar said its engineers are inspecting the plane and should find out what caused the brake indicator to malfunction.