Jetstar Refuse Upgrade to Injured TV Reporter

30th Dec 2015

Australian television reporter Jodi Lee took to Facebook on Monday to criticize Jetstar for declining to upgrade her to business class and making her pay extra for a pillow with which she would elevate her injured leg.

Lee, who works for WIN Network in Australia, injured an Achilles tendon while being on a holiday in Thailand.

She wrote this on her Facebook account:

[email protected] I am appalled at your blatant disregard for customer service. Staff over the phone, at the check in counter and on board refused to upgrade my seat ?due to policy.??

According to Lee, there were at least four empty seats in business class, but despite that, Jetstar staff ignored both her bandaged leg and a letter from doctors in Thailand and an advice from a surgeon in Sydney that she needs to keep her leg raised during the return flight.

Unfortunately, this wasn?t the end of the problems for the injured reporter. When the plane landed at Sydney Airport and was time for passengers to disembark, there was no one there to help Lee get off the plane.

She wrote:

?No lift arrived to help me safely disembark from the plane onto the tarmac. I was forced to wait alone on the plane for an hour after landing then hop down a flight of stairs in the rain to a waiting bus.?

Furthermore, Lee also said that the wheelchair that was supposed to be waiting for her was not there at first. When it finally arrived, she was taken to baggage claim area and ?abandoned?.

Jetstar had a different view on the situation, however.

A spokesman for the airline said Jetstar could not agree to her upgrade request, but did provide an empty seat next to her.

?Staff allocated her and the person she was traveling with seats towards the front of the aircraft so her flight was more comfortable.?

The spokesman also said that a wheelchair was arranged, but that Lee had to wait until the rest of the passengers had stepped off the aircraft.

The airline contacted Lee about the whole incident, but the spokesman added her experience ?doesn?t sound accurate?.