Jetstar Resumes Bali Flights

29th Sep 2016

A new volcanic ash cloud from the island of Bali in Indonesia disrupted the schedule of several airlines from Australia. On Tuesday, both Virgin Australia and Tigerair cancelled their flights to and from Bali and said they would update their customers on Wednesday, while the only carrier from Australia to resume flights was Jetstar.

Jetstar the Only One to Resume Denpasar Flights so Far

At the moment, only Jetstar decided to resume flights to and from Denpasar Airport following the new ash cloud above Bali.

Jetstar said in a statement:

"We are looking at what additional flights can be scheduled to get people to their destinations. We will provide customers an update later today. As it is school holidays our whole network is extremely busy, so it will take us some time to get everyone on their way."

The airline also said:

"We'll continue to monitor the movement of the ash cloud from Mt Rinjani and provide updates should conditions change."

Virgin Australia and Tigerair Cancel their Bali Flights for Tuesday

Virgin Australia cancelled two flights from Australia to Bali (VA65 from Sydney and VA41 from Brisbane) as well as two flights out of Bali (VA70 to Sydney and VA46 to Brisbane).

In a statement, VA said:

"It would monitor the situation closely as we will keep customers updated once new information becomes available".

Tigerair Australia also cancelled its flights to and from Bali on Tuesday and said it would update customers at 10:30 a.m. AEST. The airline delayed flights number TT19 (Perth to Bali) and TT2 (Bali to Melbourne).

The statement from Tigerair about this said:

"Tigerair Australia will work hard to minimize the inconvenience for any affected passengers disrupted as a result of volcanic ash cloud by getting them to where they are going as soon as possible or with a range of provisions including free of charge transfer onto next available services."

The statement continued:

"We continue to monitor the situation closely and will keep customers updated via SMS and email as soon as new information becomes available. Passengers booked to travel on all other Tigerair services to and from Bali from 28 September 2016 are advised to check in for their services as per normal scheduled departure time unless otherwise notified by the airline."