Jetstar Resumes Flights to Bali as Ash Threat Disperse

5th Jul 2015

The ash threat from the Mount Raung volcano has passed and the Australian carrier Jetstar can resume its regular service to Bali Denpasar airport as usual.

Several Flights to and From Bali Were Canceled

The Australian carrier was forced to cancel return flights between Bali and Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Cairns, as well as its one-way services to and from Singapore, Darwin and Adelaide after the local Mount Raung volcano erupted and sent a cloud of ash into the air.

In addition to the flights that Jetstar canceled, two flights have also been turned back after being in the air for three hours already.

The airline issued a statement yesterday, explaining the reasons for the cancelled flights and saying it passengers who got tickets on cancelled or rescheduled will be notified either by the airline or by their travel agents with options to get on an alternative flight.

Jetstar Consulted With Volcanic Ash Advisory Center on What to Do

In another statement, issued today, Jetstar said it had decided to resume services from and to Bali after consulting with the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre. Jetstar explained it has initially made the decision to cancel flights once VAAC changed a volcanic ash advisory from code orange to code red.

In the meantime, VAAC downgraded the advisory to code orange.

Jetstar said:

"We regret the impact these cancellations have had on our passengers, particularly during the busy school holiday period, but we will always put safety before schedule."

According to Jackson Browne from VAAC, Mount Raung volcano erupted at around 6:30pm according to Darwin time.

Browne said:

"It was a Strombolian-type eruption and there wasn't a lot of emission from the volcano itself. In fact the ash emissions were so thin that they weren't able to be identified by satellite imagery. We were receiving pictures just showing a sort of thin cigarette-like plume from the volcano."