Jetstar To Employ Baggage Officers At The Airports

4th Sep 2014

Happy days will soon be over for violators of carry-on luggage policy by Jetstar Airways, as the low-cost airline starts to strictly implement its existing policy on carry-on baggage.

An airline spokesperson confirmed that Jetstar will employ a team of baggage officers at major airports across the country to accost passengers who will be taking luggage on board more than what is allowed.

Initially, the airline will dispatch these baggage personnel at airports in Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney.

In its current system, passengers are allowed to check-in online provided that they don't have checked baggage. The airline has also installed a check-in kiosk, a self-service check-in facility for customers without checked baggage, to speed up the check-in process. These passengers usually get in contact with an airline staff at the boarding gate.

The baggage officers will ensure that passengers are not bringing oversized or overweight carry-on luggage on board. If caught violating the prescribed size and weight of their carry-on baggage, they will face a penalty by letting them pay a much higher rate for the extra weight or dimension of the bag.

Though no tentative date given as to the start of the deployment of baggage officers at the airports, the airline spokesperson said that the carrier is still fine-tuning the revised rules before they get deployed.

The airline reiterated that compliance to the carry-on baggage policy will ensure safety and comfort to all passengers and crew on board, as well as hasten the boarding process.

Many passengers have violated the rule bringing with them either oversized, overweight, or multiple luggage on board that have taken up the space that was otherwise reserved for another passengers. As a result, other passengers got frustrated after they were unable to find a space for their own.

There are people who are either skilled travelers or simply sensible travelers, who are fully aware of the baggage policy by airlines, so they don't lug heavy or mammoth cargoes on board.

Jetstar carry-on baggage policy only allows one main luggage (56cm high x 36cm wide x 23 cm thick) and a small extra bag and both should have a combined weight not heavier than 10kg.