Jetstar To Strictly Impose Luggage Rule

3rd Sep 2014

Jetstar Airways has been receiving a lot of complaints from their customers on some people who unabashedly keep a number of cabin luggage more than is required in each flight.

The airline is somewhat fed up with this kind of people who clearly lack discipline and kind consideration to their fellow passengers. It has decided to be strict with its policy that has been in place according to the terms of agreement between the passengers and the airline company, as indicated at the back of each plane ticket.

As regards to the strict implementation, the airline will now dispatch a team of cabin baggage officers in airports at Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Cairns, and Sydney.

The job of the baggage officers simply focuses on the passengers' compliance with the airline's baggage policy as to its size, weight, and quantity.

The complaints mostly come from fellow passengers who couldn't find enough space for their own luggage at the compartment provided for above their seats because it was already taken up by the baggage of unscrupulous passengers.

The airline official said that they are trying to ensure that everyone is treated fair on board their flights and, rightly so, everyone should also enjoy that right as well without compromising others' comfort.

The baggage officers will be stationed at the boarding gates at the airport to check if the passengers comply with the hand luggage limits. The limitation of the amount of baggage inside the cabin will ensure the safety and comfort of each passenger on board.

Many passengers become abusive of the baggage policy especially now that they can check-in online, allowing them to go past the airline check-in counters straight to the boarding gate, thus avoiding baggage check.

The airline, however, did not disclose as to when will they start the deployment of baggage officers at the airports cited above.

The action by the airline arose from the Twitter campaign by an American journalist last month lamenting on the lax implementation of baggage policy by Australian airlines, resulting to the rampant violation by many passengers who lug more than what is allowed.