Jetstar Turn away German Tourist With for 'Dog-Eared' Passport

24th Dec 2015

Andreas Hunter from Germany had to pay an extra $1.200 to go see his girlfriend in New Zealand for Christmas because the airport staff at the Phuket airport refused to let him board his Jetstar flight on Sunday.

Reason: his passport was in an "unacceptable condition".

When Mr. Hunter tried to talk to a representative from Jetstar about a flight for which he already paid $800, he was basically said there is nothing they can do about it and even refused to refund him.

Here is what Mr. Hunter wrote on his Twitter account to Jetstar

"I am very upset that after you did not let me board my flight to New Zealand because you said my passport was dog-eared that you did not offer me any opportunity to change my flight. I would have thought considering it is Christmas you could have shown some consideration. It's looking very unlikely that I'll be able to buy a ticket now to arrive at Christmas. Thank you for making me miss Christmas. Seasons Greetings."

Fortunately (more or less) Mr. Hunter was able to book a flight with Singapore Airlines, but since it was a very short notice, he had to fork out an extra $1.200. At least he didn't hear any more about his "dog-eared" passport from this airline's staff. Or from the German Embassy before he travelled.

In fact, there he was told his passport is "acceptable" and fine to travel with.

Speaking of the condition of his travel document, Mr. Hunter claims that while it has seen a lot of use, the identification details are still legible and clear to see.

In the meantime, Jetstar responded with a statement of its own regarding this. The carrier said:

"The team was advised that the passenger should not be accepted for the flight until his travel document was replaced. All border control authorities would rightly expect proper and intact travel documents before granting admission into a country."