Jetstar Union Negotiations Not Going Well Could be 2011 All Over Again

17th Dec 2015

It could be 2011 all over again. At least that is what the Transport Workers Union is claiming as their negotiations with Qantas-owned Jetstar are not going very well.

Apparently, Jetstar is threatening to ground its entire fleet and lock out the staff. Just like Qantas did in 2011 during failed negotiations with the union at the time.

Tony Sheldon, National Secretary for the Transport Workers Union (TWU) said:

"They have showed us clearly they'll go right back to 2011 to that dismal weekend where 200,000 people were stranded by Qantas. It raises a serious question about blackmailing the Australian public."

On the other side, Jetstar is denying all claims of trying to blackmail anyone, let alone the Australian public. A spokesman for the airline said:

"We're not sure what parallel universe the TWU is living in, but we have made no such suggestions. Jetstar's ground handlers get fair reward for their contribution to the airline."

The whole fracas with the negotiations is happening over an 18-month pay freeze and overtime conditions Jetstar suggested and the union didn't like. With neither party budging from its position, it could very well end up falling on the customers, just like four years ago.

Jetstar Auckland-Sydney Plane Hit by Lighting

That's not all the problems Jetstar is facing today, however, as one of its planes had the misfortune to be in the path of a lighting.

A Jetstar Auckland-Sydney flight had to be delayed today due to lighting strike.

A spokesperson said the pilot managed to land the aircraft without incident and there were no injuries on the plane, either among the passengers or the crew.

The spokesperson also said the plane will be out of service for the time being while the safety inspectors check on it.

While this is happening, flights from Queenstown to Auckland and from Sydney to Queenstown will be cancelled, but these services should return tomorrow.