Man Who Wouldn't Stop Smoking His E-Cig on a Jetstar Flight to be Fined $850

28th Sep 2015

One man, who refused to stop smoking his e-cigarette during a Jetstar flight from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, may very well regret his decision as he is looking at a fine of $850.

This happened on Thursday, during a 90-minute flight.

According to the police spokesperson, Jetstar cabin crew asked and pleaded the 37-year old smoker to put away his e-cig, but he completely ignored their request and continued vaping.

Finally, when the aircraft reached its destination around 6:30 p.m. the local police boarded the plane and detained the smoker, much to the delight of all other passengers.

The man was given a notice and was ordered to appear before court on 12th October, 2015, the police said.

Jetstar does not allow either regular or electronic cigarettes to be smoked or vaped in their aircrafts as this 'causes disruption and discomfort to other passengers'.

A spokesman for the airline said the following after the incident:

"Jetstar does not tolerate anti-social behavior on board and expects passengers to follow reasonable directions from our crew."

Of course, given the last incident on one of their flights, it is not a surprise that Jetstar is very strict about their no-smoking policy. Namely, earlier this year, a passenger on the Gold Coast to Sydney flight put the restroom on fire. This forced the pilot to make an emergency landing in Newcastle.

Jetstar also prohibits travellers from bringing firearms, weapons ammo, toxic substances, radioactive materials, explosives, li batteries, infectious materials, oxygen bottles, gases, corrosives and flammable liquids on board with them, among other things. You can take a look at the full list of materials banned from Jetstar planes on the carrier's website.

Smoking is not allowed on any Australian planes, not just those of Jetstar, but also Qantas, Virgin Australia and other carriers. The maximum fine for this offence is $850.