Maximize Your Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

9th Dec 2013

Qantas offers 10 points for every dollar spent on its gift vouchers. If that's not enough, the gift voucher can be used to purchase an air ticket on a domestic flight.

Exciting, huh?

Now, here's more. If you use the gift voucher for booking tickets online via Qantas, booking fee is waived. So unlike your usual online transactions using your credit card, you won't burden your pocket for a booking fee.

So why wait longer? Buy a gift voucher now and take advantage of this once-in-a-blue-moon offer. Or is it? The gift voucher has a value ranging from $50 to $500.

This offer is only good until December 27, 2013. Before you forget, you can buy as many gift vouchers as you can.

Maximize your points

The above offer is just part of Qantas' effort to keep and entice more customers to fly with them. The airline has launched a month-long promotion called Double December where each dollar spent using your Qantas Cash card will earn an equivalent of one point.

If you play a little bit smarter, use your Qantas Cash card to purchase Qantas gift vouchers. This way, you'll earn a total of 11 points per dollar that you spend.

Do you think you have accumulated enough points already? Wrong! There's some more! Use your gift voucher to purchase a domestic Qantas ticket before the clock strikes 0001 hrs of January 2014 for travel through January 31, 2014, you'll get double status credits.

A deluge of points

Now, how much do all these points really worth? Let's analyze using a Platinum-grade Qantas Frequent Flyer and use a Brisbane-Perth business class return ticket as an example.

On a regular booking, the Brisbane-Perth return flight will earn you 5,610 points plus 80 credit status for each trip.

If you buy $500 Qantas gift voucher and use it to pay for that trip (booked as two one-way tickets), you'll get a windfall of 10,000 extra points right away. You'll get another 1,000 points on top of that if you use Qantas Cash card to buy the gift voucher, to a total of 11,000 points! And, if you travel before January 31 next year, you'll double your status credits.

Acquire more points

Have you acquired Qantas' Aquire? Act now and acquire some more points.

Hurry and don't delay! Visit Qantas website now and register to become an Aquire member and get your ABN (Australian Business Number). Qantas is dishing out 500 Aquire points through end of February 2014 for every eligible Qantas trip.