More Economy Seats for Qantas A380s

4th Jul 2012

Qantas' Airbus A380 will get a reconfiguration amidst the stiff competition on its international routes. Soon, all its A380 fleet will get more economy seats and reduce the number of its business class seats.

The superjumbo jets will see an additional of 39 more seats for its economy class mostly taken from the upper deck of the aircraft where the premium economy seats were located before. As a result, it will now have a total of 371 economy seats from the previous 332 seats.

Moreover, its premium economy cabin will gain 3 more seats to 35 from its current 32. Due to the conversion of most of its current seats starting from the rear of the upper deck, premium economy cabin will now be nudged forward taking 3 seats with it from the business class in the process.

This will result to the loss of 8 lie-flat Skybeds in its business class which will go down to 64 from its current 72 slots.

As if it is not enough to ruffle the feathers of business travelers, half the number of toilets in the business class cabin will likewise get new users from the premium economy cabin.

Qantas may not change any seats in the lower deck but will tuck in 9 more seats. All its 14 first class mini suites, however, will still remain.

Five Self-Service Snack Bars Axed.

As a result of the reconfiguration, business class cabin will lose 2 of its self-service bars while premium economy will be missing its lone self-service bar and snack area. The economy section downstairs will lose one of its self-service facility.

The 12 reconfigured superjumbos are planned to be used in its long-haul flights, such as London and Los Angeles, where demand for the kind of service is potentially high.

April 2013 is the date set for the completion of the configuration of all 12 A380s. The first reconfigured aircraft was already delivered and is now in service. According to Qantas spokeswoman, all of the 12 refurbished aircraft will be serving the following long-haul routes: Sydney-Singapore-London, Sydney-Los Angeles, Sydney- Hongkong, Melbourne-LosAngeles.

More Premium Economy (And Economy, Too) Upstairs.

Since Qantas reason for the makeover of its Airbus A380 is to turn its international operations more profitable, they add more seats to both premium economy and economy classes and reduce the number of seats from its business class. The resulting reconfiguration allows the refurbished A380 to accommodate more passengers from the current 450 to 484.

Longer Queues for the Loo.

If business class passengers had six toilets to their exclusive use before, now, not only will they lose two of them but also share with premium economy passengers half of those toilets. The 341 economy passengers downstairs will also share fewer loos down to seven from eight.