New Qantas Dress Code Deemed Old Fashioned by Pilots

28th Oct 2016

Australian carrier Qantas has issued a 23-page booklet on the new dos and don'ts its pilots will have to adhere to from now on. These new standards are meant to ensure pilots present themselves as "trusted, experienced ambassadors of Qantas brand".

This includes a new uniform, which now features a white hat and a kangaroo-stylized badge. However, pilots see this change as old-fashioned and a step back in style. One Qantas pilot voiced his ire saying:

"The white cap is supposed to take us back to the days of flying boats but it's 2016, not the 1940s. We don't fly flying boats, we fly aeroplanes."

The boat-style white hat is just one of the issues pilots have with Qantas' new uniforms and dress code. Another is the fact they will now have to button their jackets when traveling to their planes. They will only be allowed to unbutton their uniform when the temperature is over 27C or when they are working in the tropics. And yes, they will also have to wear their new white hats to and from the plane.

The new rules also address acceptable and unacceptable hair length and style, facial hair, makeup and piercings.

According to the rules hair length should not fall onto eyebrows or shirt collar. Moustaches are allowed, except for handlebar, horseshoe and similar styles and the outline of the upper lip must be clearly visible.

Earrings are allowed for female pilots, but only "plain round pearl, silver, gold or diamond studs", while nose, eyebrow, tongue and mouth piercings are a no-no from now on.

Make up is also allowed, but should "look natural and blend with the uniform. Brightly colored or sparkly eyeshadow should not be worn."

Finally, pilots should not chew gum, drink alcohol or smoke when in uniform in view of the public, or "use a backpack or rucksack when in uniform."

According to a survey done by the Australian and International Pilots Association, it seems pilots are mostly satisfied with the new rules, but many have issues with certain aspects of the new uniform, such as the hats, wing design and epaulettes.