No Break for Jetstar and Virgin in Bali

6th Aug 2015

It seems that Bali holidaymakers just can't catch a break these days, as the Australian carriers flying to and from this island were forced to cancel both incoming and outgoing flights here for the nth time in the past couple of weeks.

The reason? Of course, Mount Raung spewing volcanic ash into the air, reducing vision and making it impossible for pilots to see where they are going, as well as the control tower to know where the jet is.

So it's a safety thing really.

Virgin Australia canceled its flights to and from Bali at 8:00 am Australian time. In a statement, the airline said:

"The latest advice from our team of meteorologists and the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre is that conditions are not suitable for operations into and out of Denpasar Airport Today. We have been advised that Mount Raung continues to erupt and winds are blowing in and unfavourable direction, and the forecast continues to do so for the rest of the day.

A few hours later, at around 5:00 pm, the other Australian carrier operating to Denpasar Airport, Jetstar also canceled its flights.

Both carriers are now waiting for advice from the VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre). However, things are not looking good for travelers who wish to visit Bali in the next couple of days.

Grace Legge, forecaster at the Darwin Ash Advisory Centre said:

"The winds are north-westerly winds, so the main ash plume is heading to the south-east but is staying south of Bali. Later today some of the winds are expected to turn slightly so the plume is expected to head closer toward Denpasar Airport."

Jetstar also advised its passengers not to travel to Denpasar Airport if they are flying to or from the island:

"We regret the frustration cancelation and delays will cause customers, however, the safety of our passengers and crew is our first priority."