No Hoverboards on Qantas Flights

16th Dec 2015

If you're thinking about buying someone a hoverboard for Christmas, or you feel like hovering around the neighborhood yourself, you might want to reconsider your plans after Qantas slapped a ban on them.

Apparently, fun as they are, hoverboards, that is, their lithium ion batteries, can pose a fire hazard. Of course, this is not something any airline would want, so a lot of companies have decided to ban hoverboards. Apart from Qantas, this also includes Emirates, American Airlines and several other carriers.

And, before you get any ideas, the ban applies to both Qantas' domestic and international flights and includes carry-on and checked baggage you might have. In other words: no hoverboards. Period.

In a statement announcing the hoverboard ban, Qantas said:

"We've made the decision based on inconsistent information about lithium batteries provided by many manufacturers and reported issues with the devices."

This might devastate those who wanted to act like Marty from Back to the Future (an $800 price tag certainly wouldn't deter them), but it could make those with a faint heart a bit more easy, especially with numerous reports of these boards catching fire and overheating when you overcharge them.

That the risk is not just a ploy to have people away from hoverboards, but something serious, proves a safety warning from the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) and consumer watchdogs Choice to Australians to be careful around hoverboards , as they pose a fire risk due to their batteries.

Even Amazon has decided to drop several hoverboard brands from its US and UK websites amid safety concerns.

One man in Alabama, U.S. has even had the unpleasant experience of a hoverboard exploding beneath his feet. He recounted his experience for local television, saying:

"I came outside turned it on, came down the sidewalk not even a 100 feet, and it exploded. Batteries started shooting out of it; you would not expect a fire like that to come out of a little thing like that."