Perth Airport To Start Road Improvement

9th Jul 2014

The multimillion dollar road improvement project is designed to ease vehicular traffic between the airport and its peripheries which are major population corridors.

Set to start this month, the project is only part of the even bigger airport redevelopment program that the Perth Airport will undergo in the next two years.

The Airport Drive is a major access road to and from the airport which stretches for more than a mile long. Upon its completion, it will provide seamless connection between the airport and the Tonkin/Leach Highway interchange and, starting 2015, will also link the two terminals?T1 and T2, to the highway.

Included in the $1 billion package is the extension of the T1 forecourt to build an entry plaza, as well as new drop-off and pick-up lanes. The expansion of the temporary car park is also eyed to be bundled in the project.

This early, the Perth Airport management through its CEO, Brad Geatches, is already preparing a comprehensive traffic management plan to ensure a smooth vehicular traffic movement to and from T1 and T2 terminals. The airport official assured, though, that airport passengers won't be affected while the construction works are ongoing.

He added that the completion of the project will see a much improved customer experience for all passengers passing through the airport's two terminals, as Virgin Australia will also be relocating its domestic operations to the new pier at T1's western end come 2015.

The completion of the Airport Drive improvement project is targeted in the first half of next year.