Port Lincoln-Adelaide QantasLink Plane Forced to Turn Back

18th Apr 2015

QantasLink flight Q-300 which was heading from Port Lincoln had to turn back only five minutes since it took off due to a problem with one of its propellers.

The pilot managed to turn around and land the aircraft safely on the airport with only one operational propeller.

Crew Was Calm and Handled the Situation Well, the Passengers Say

One of the 50 passengers on board Jayne Trezise commended the crew for how they handled the situation saying:

"We took off and just had a bit of a chug and splutter kind of thing, made a bit of a shuddery sort of feel and then we noticed the propeller on the right hand side of the plane wasn't spinning around. So they decided to turn back around and just make a normal landing."

Trezise also added:

"I was pretty chilled and I didn't panic too much, but there were a few other passengers that were a bit worried, as you do when you see a propeller not going round and round. It was a good effort on the pilot's behalf, but he said they sort of prepare themselves for those sorts of cases and the stewardess was still smiling through the whole thing and keeping everyone relatively calm."

According to Ms. Trezise, there was also a problem with the planes communication system just before it took off, so the passengers had to get off for a minute. However, QantasLink said that these were two completely isolated incidents.

During the entire event passengers were kept well informed about the situation and the airliner has sent another plane from Adelaide to pick them up.

Ms. Trezise further added:

"It wasn't through any fault of their [Qantas], and they were more than happy to help people out to change any flights or anything they needed. [They] gave out a voucher for the canteen deli bit there at the airport while people were waiting around for the next flight."