Qantas Airways Axes Several A330 Flights

31st Jul 2015

Qantas Airways will ax a number of its east-west routes flown by Airbus A330 planes starting October. The Australian carrier has made this decision in order to be able to put more A330s on the east coast "triangle route", as well as to support "international network changes."

As of 25th October, 2015, Qantas will cut the Melbourne-Perth (QF773, departs at 5:05 pm) and Perth-Melbourne (QF802, departs at 10:55 am). The airline will move departure times for either of the two services in order to fill out the gap in the timetable.

Flight QF777 (Melbourne-Perth) will now depart at 3:35 pm, instead at 3 pm sharp and QF481 will no longer take off at 6:50 in the evening, but an hour and five minutes earlier (5:45 pm)

Also, when it comes to Perth to Melbourne route, flight QF762 will now take off at 8 in the morning, while QF772 will depart at 10:05 am. In addition, QF768 has been moved to 3:00 pm from its earlier departure time of 4:45 pm. QF476 will take off at 12:55 pm from now on.

Sydney-Perth Route Also Downgraded

Qantas has also decided to make changes to another route serviced by A330s. Qantas passengers traveling between Sydney and Perth will now be flown by smaller Boeing 737 jets, instead of Airbus A330s. This change will take place from 25th October this year.

The Sydney-Perth flight QF569 now departs at 4:30 pm and the Perth-Sydney QF576 takes off at 7:05 am.

Brisbane-Sydney Route gets More A330s

Unlike the passengers flying between Melbourne and Perth and Sydney and Perth, those traveling from Sydney to Brisbane and in the other direction will now do so in Airbus A330s, instead of Boeing 737s.

This includes Sydney-Brisbane flights QF500 and QF520 (Thursdays and Fridays), QF536 (Thursdays) and QF512 (Saturdays and Sundays).

When it comes to Brisbane-Sydney route, this includes QF509 and QF549 (Thursdays), QF529 (Thursdays and Fridays), QF507 (Fridays) and QF503 (Saturdays and Sundays).

Qantas also said it will make "international network changes" involving the Airbus A330 aircraft, but it did not reveal anything more about that, such as what services this will impact.