Qantas and Emirates Join Forces

18th Feb 2013

Now that Qantas and Emirates formally cemented their alliance, frequent flyers and business travelers from both airlines will soon enjoy common perks across their extensive networks.

Starting April 1, 2013, Qantas frequent flyers as well as members of Qantas Platinum and Gold and Qantas Club will be able to access lounges of Emirates and vice versa. All travelers from both airlines will also be able to earn points and spend them at "home-airline" rates across their unified network.

Qantas travelers will be treated also to a peculiar service long enjoyed by Emirates customers, chauffeur service on long-haul flights.

Earn points across the alliance, but status with "your" airline only

Both members of Emirates Skyward Miles and Qantas Frequent Flyers can earn points on all flights across the combined network. However, if an Emirates' Skywards member wants to earn miles while flying on Qantas domestic network, the purchase should be made as part of international booking with either carriers.

However, if you are a member of either carrier's loyalty programs and want to earn points or miles and and have status credited and other perks, you need to book a flight from your home-airline. Otherwise, you only earn points and nothing more.

Lounge access for Platinum, Gold and Qantas Club members

One of the best things to come to members of Qantas frequent flyer program and Qantas Club is the access to lounges owned by Emirates across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and North America.

When flying to Dubai, Qantas frequent flyer may access the First Lounges of Emirates if you're a holder of Platinum One and Platinum. If you're a Qantas Club member, you may access the Business Lounge.

In addition, members of both carrier's loyalty programs have the option to access the American Airlines Admirals Club in London if they fly between London and either Dubai or Australia.

Reciprocal lounge access is only limited to airports outside New Zealand, South Africa and the Americas.

Qantas Classic Awards available on Emirates flights.

Qantas frequent flyers can use their Classic Awards to book flights across the unified network of both airlines. Similarly, Skywards members of Emirates may redeem rewards on either airlines.

Your Qantas points can be possibly upgraded only on QF flight numbers on a Qantas aircraft, not on Emirates aircraft.

Qantas Chauffeur Drive rolls out.

Starting March 31, 2013, Qantas business and first class travelers will be offered a chauffeur service when they fly between London, Dubai and Australia. On July 2013, passengers originating from Australia to Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Johannesburg and Santiago will also get the same service.

"Dubai Connect" accommodation for long layovers.

Qantas flights making an inconvenient stopover at Dubai airport will also enable passengers to get free meals, visa costs, transfers and even hotel rooms. This service is available only if your layover is longer than 6 hours but no more than 24 hours for first class and business travelers or longer than 8 hours but less than 24 hours for economy and premium economy passengers.