Qantas and Emirates Talk of Expanding Alliance

9th Oct 2015

According to the chief executive officer of Qantas, the Australian carrier is keen on making its alliance with Emirates Airline even bigger by possibly adding new routes into Australia.

Speaking to the media during the CAPA World Aviation Summit in Helsinki, Joyce said:

"We would like to see Emirates flying into more Australian destinations, which they're keen on. We think it's working so well, there has to be more we can do.

Joyce also said that The Flying Kangaroo will sit down with Emirates to find the best way to use London Heathrow slots once two slots that Qantas currently has leased to British Airways get back into its hands, which will happen at the end of 2017.

Qantas and Emirates became partners in 2012. The two airlines now coordinate closely on flight schedules, ticket sales and prices. Additionally, Qantas has also moved its hub for flights to Europe from Singapore to Dubai, which is also Emirates' base.

Joyce also touched on the eight Boeing 787-9 aircrafts Qantas ordered. The Australian carrier has options for another 15 Dreamliners, as well as purchase rights. These jets, Joyce explained, have the range to reach Europe.

He also said:

"It opens up European markets direct from Australia so that's an exciting opportunity in the long-term."

But before Qantas can send its Dreamliners to European cities, the Australian airline first needs them to replace the older and smaller Boeing 747 planes that are currently serving South and North America and South Africa routes.

Of course, the downturn of Australia's mining sector also doesn't work in favour of Qantas. The carrier has been battling the downturn by using its smaller planes on routes serving the West Australian mining industry, while putting its bigger aircraft on routes to Eastern Australia, where the industry is in a better position.