Qantas and Other Carriers Resume Service To Darwin

1st Jun 2014

After the May 30 eruption of Sangeang Api in Indonesia, most airlines canceled all their flights to and from Darwin leaving the city without air links momentarily.

Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia all have signified the resumption of air services to the northern territory's capital. The three airlines suspended all their domestic flights to Darwin since Friday last week. Except for Jetstar, international flights to and from Darwin remained unaffected the whole time.

The eruption of Sangeang Api sent a thick volcanic ash several kilometers into the atmosphere which made air navigation difficult over a wide area including the northern part of Australia where Darwin is located.

Right after the eruption, Darwin International Airport issued an advisory to all airlines to suspend all flights to and from the city. The suspension of the flights, the airport added, wouldn't last long and even hinted that normal airport operation might start in a few days.

True enough, airport operation is now back to normal at Darwin International Airport prompting airlines to resume service only after two days since the advisory to suspend flights was issued.