Qantas and Virgin Australia warn Flyers of Email Scam

28th Dec 2012

Qantas Airline warns travellers, through the use of some popular social media channel such as Facebook and Twitter, that before opening any e-mail, make sure that the e-mail itself contains the flight number, name of the passengers or any booking reference, as any authentic e-mail from the airline should. More importantly, any authentic e-mail from Qantas Airline doesn?t have any file attachments.

The said scam mail not only lacks the necessary information but also contains a file attachment named ?Qantas Airways confirmation Aside from the possibility of being scammed for a fee that doesn?t exist, the airline sees that there is a possibility that the attachment might contain virus or spyware that can harm the travellers.

On a separate incident, but in the same manner, Virgin Australia also warns their passengers and travellers that scam e-mails claiming to be from their customer service are circulating the internet. If the fake mails encountered by Qantas refer to a seat selection fee receipt, the scam e-mails that Virgin Australia warns of claims to have information about Virgin Australia?s travel itineraries.

Regarding this issue, the airline says, ?We advise customers not to open emails claiming to be Virgin Australia itineraries if they do not have travel booked in the immediate future.?

How can one spot the said fake e-mail? First, the scam mail addressed themselves to be from Virgin Blue, which is the former name of the airline, and not Virgin Australia. Lastly, just like the case of Qantas scam mails, these e-mails also contain attachments with ? Needless to say, the attachment may contain harmful virus or spyware that can infiltrate the travellers computer that might bring irrevocable damage upon opening or even upon download.

According to the airline, if passengers or travellers have question regarding Virgin Australia itineraries or any other matter, they should contact Virgin Australia on 13 67 89.

Qantas or the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services is the largest airline in Australia while Virgin Australia ranks as second largest.