Qantas and Virgin Fight Over Business Travelers

7th Nov 2014

Flying in the wee hours between Perth and Sydney, spanning across three time zones, is highly stressful to any businessman traveling the route.

Arriving at a destination three hours behind of your port of origin is no joke. You arrive stressed out trying to adjust to the local time in order to get yourself in synced with the local business hours. Sometimes you are left without a choice but attend to the usual business conduct of the day rather than take a power nap or take a quick bite to appease your starving stomach.

Now, gone are the days where you would rush to the business meeting unkempt or with heavy eyes. With the latest round of battle royale between the two rival airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia make sure their prized customers are taken care of, from the moment they step into their airport lounge all the way to getting pampered while on board their flights.

Both airlines try to outdo and outsmart each other to win the heart of business travelers through innovative products and improved services on board.

With Qantas, for instance, you'll be able to zip your way through airport security with only your ample roller bag in tow.

Enjoy your time at its well-equipped airport lounge with a hot meal and a glass of wine. Then simply log in to your tablet or smartphone to do your web check-in and off you go. You only need to wait for the announcement of your boarding time while sipping your brewed coffee.

But the comfort offered to business traveler doesn't stop at the lounge. They are also given priority every step of the way until they get on board the plane. Yet the best part in the entire leg of their travel awaits them inside their cabin.

There is the reclined seat that would turn into a fully-flat bed upon the press of a button. Spacious legroom or elbowroom for stretching your muscles or for storage purposes. As if that's not enough, you may even allow yourself to take a much-needed sleep by pressing the 'don't disturb' button on the flat bed. Didn't we mention you'll be accommodated into a suite?

Both airlines will be using the same aircraft type, the ever reliable wide-body twin-aisle A330.

Qantas will get the upper hand over its rival as it will start offering that much-awaited comfort in December this year. Virgin won't be finished outfitting its A330 fleet until March next year.

Passengers of both airlines will also get to enjoy the new improved airport lounges at Perth Airport for optimum comfort.