Qantas CEO Predicts Huge US Market Growth for the Company

9th Dec 2016

Qantas will see a huge US market growth, expects the carrier's Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce. Joyce made his predictions ahead of another year that the Flying Kangaroo will sponsor the G'Day USA initiative.

The G'Day initiative originally started in 2004, with the idea to promote Australian tourism, cultural, business and defence opportunities in the US. Qantas stepped out of the program for a period of four years, between 2012 and 2015, during its quarrel with Tourism Australia when Geoff Dixon, then-chairman of Tourism Australia was in a group of investors advocating for change at the airline.

Qantas, resumed dealings with Tourism Australia after Dixon stepped down in June 2015 and a year after signed a $20 million joint marketing deal with the organization.

Joyce said:

"In the last year, what's been great is that Qantas has reengaged now with Tourism Australia. We'll be making some bigger investments I think at G'Day USA on how we take that to the next level."

The program for 2017 launched this Friday at Qantas' Mascot base inside Hangar 96. Apart from Joyce, several other important guests were also at the event, including Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Trade, Tourism and Investment Minister Steve Ciobo, among others.

According to Joyce, the Australia-United States market grew by around 10 per cent in the previous year. Speaking about this, he said to the gathered media reporters:

"We're the longest operating carrier on that route and today Qantas is bigger than all other airlines on the US route put together. We're expanding the market, a market that we see huge growth with."

Joyce also added that G'Day USA events have been very effective in getting the consumer's attention

Bishop called Australia's relationship with the US "the most important" for the country and said G'Day USA is a "great public diplomacy initiative".

She said:

"In a time of unprecedented change, with ever-shifting global dynamics it is more important than ever to treasure the long-standing relationships, to recognize the enduring nature of a relationship that has survived the good times and the tough times. And there is no more important relationship for Australia than ours with the United States of America."