Qantas Changing Rules for Frequent Flyer Points

9th Apr 2015

A new set of rules for earning frequent flyer points is being organized by Qantas and it doesn?t look like it will be all that easy.

The rejig was first drafted last year as a part of the Qantas Frequent Flyer overhaul.

What this includes, among other things, is less status credits earned when is using Qantas partner?s carriers. That will make it much more difficult for passengers to earn gold or platinum Qantas cards, if they are not flying with the company.

These changes were meant for September 2014, but never came to fruition then, which allowed frequent flyers to enjoy the same generosity by Qantas when it comes to points as they have done for years before.

Frequent Flyer Points Revamp Still on the Table

That was last year. This year however, Qantas seems to be pushing for revamping how their passengers will earn points.

A spokesperson for Qantas said:

?As flagged when we announced changes to Frequent Flyer earn rates in 2014, there will be changes made to the earn rates on Qantas?s partner airliners. Changing those earn rates requires working with each partner individually and that?s a process that takes time given the number of partners.?

It won?t be Easy Earning Those Qantas Points

What could make this idea hard for Qantas is the fact that the amount of frequent flyer points depends on the partner airline, what type of class one is traveling in (business gets more point than economy for instance) and even the cabin the passenger is sitting in.

For instance, a British Airways economy class, Qatar Airlines and Malaysia Airlines are ?worth? 0.25 Qantas Points for every mile. On the other side, Alaska Airlines, Iberia, LAN/TAM or Fiji Airways economy classes rake 1 Qantas Point for each mile, while the business class is worth 25 percent more.