Qantas Cuts Seat Selection Fees on International Flights

15th Sep 2015

The Australian carrier Qantas will either reduce or completely remove most advanced seat selection fees for the economy tickets on a number of its international flights.

Passengers who book a ticket from 23rd September this year will have the Advanced Seat Selection fee reduced as the carrier has axed the $25 charge on all international tickets for both "economy flex" and "economy saver" fares.

When it comes to trans-Tasman flights, the Kangaroo now offers Seat Selection at $15, where it was AUS$25 before.

However, the cheapest "economy sale" tickets will now cost more ?$30, instead of $25 that they were before.

For premium economy, first class and business classes, as well as with all Qantas Frequent Flyer grades up from Silver, which means Gold and Platinum as well, seat selection will remain cost-free for Qantas' travelers.

In a statement, the airline said:

"Economy Saver and Flex fare customer who selected their seat before 23 September 2015 will not be eligible for a refund of any Seat Selection charge paid, except where otherwise permitted in the Seat Selection terms and conditions."

The statement continues:

"If, after 23 September 2015, a customer makes changes to existing Seat Selection on the same flight, an adjustment may apply to the charge already paid and would be collected at the time of processing the seating change."

Seat selection for domestic flights will remain free for all sectors, while for extra legroom seats customers will have to dish out an extra $60 or use 8,000 of their Qantas Frequent Flyer Points. On international flights, including short, medium and long-haul, seat selection is $25 or 3,500 Points, while extra legroom seats are S$90 or 12,000 Points for medium-haul, $180 or 23,500 for long-haul, while the option is unavailable on international short-haul flights.