Qantas Flight Diverted To LA Airport

18th Nov 2014

The airline, though, did not provide details as to what kind of medical urgency its passenger needed.

The plane, a A380 super jumbo jetliner, had just left Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas for a trans-Pacific flight to Australia's biggest city when the flight crew announced they had to make an emergency landing at nearby Los Angeles airport for an urgent medical attention that one of its passengers badly needed.

The flight landed at Los Angeles airport shortly before 9PM Friday safely. The airline, as a result, had to provide accommodation to stranded passengers at a nearby hotel where the plane was expected to stay for a few hours at the airport before continuing onto its return trip back to Sydney.

The plane was due to arrive in Sydney on a Saturday morning.

According to Peter Gibson, the spokesman for Civil Aviation Safety Authority, medical emergencies are rather rare in flights but they do happen.

Flight crew should know how to assess a situation like this and in many other extreme situations as it was part of their training.

Medical emergency can be anything that requires immediate medical attention from qualified medical professionals. Depending on the severity of the situation, the flight may get diverted to the nearest airport where good medical facilities are available.

As a result of the unexpected stopover at the Los Angeles airport, the plane had to get a new set of crew for the remainder of the 14,000-kilometer flight. The Dallas/Fort Worth-Sydney is said to be the longest direct route in the world.