Qantas Flight Turns Back To Melbourne

1st Jan 2015

The aircraft was already on a cruising altitude on its way to Hobart in Tasmania when the passenger, a teenage lad, couldn't contain himself from playing with the door.

The young man's behavior caused alarm to the cabin crew when they noticed him trying to pry the door open. He looked nervous and didn't stop even after one of the cabin crew told him to refrain from doing so.

The 18-year old lad grew agitated and even more uncontrollable no matter how the crew pleaded him to stop.

The pilot decided to turn back the flight upon learning the incident to remove the passenger, so as to prevent him from doing something that may cause damage to the plane or to other passengers.

He was immediately escorted out of the aircraft upon landing by Australian Federal Police and was brought to the precinct for interrogation.

The aircraft was allowed to leave 45 minutes later sans the teenager, who was held for further questioning.

However, he was later released after the police officers didn't find him as a serious threat at all. Qantas officials also said that there's no way the door could be opened at that altitude.

The latest incident ran parallel to the same man in China weeks earlier who also tried to open the emergency exit door of the plane while it was on a cruising altitude. It was his first time to travel by plane.