Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Earned Plunge

4th Oct 2014

The new findings reveal that travelers on economy class will no longer find it easy to accumulate frequent flyer points via Qantas flight.

Qantas recently changed its Frequent Flyer program points system, which was previously based on distance flown. Under the old scheme, travelers on discount and premium economy seats earned the same points. Under the new scheme, premium economy seats will earn two times as much.

IdeaWorksCompany revealed that the points change by the flag carrier is cunning based on their study of a flight between Perth and the east coast of Australia.

Australian Frequent Flyer website founder, Clifford Reichlin, said that the airline may soon get what it has bargained for. He offered travelers a way to counter the airline's cunning move.

If you, he suggested, want to maximize your Qantas Frequent Flyer points, apply for multiple credit card accounts which offer huge bonus points for each transaction. As soon as you accumulate enough points in your Frequent Flyer account, abruptly cut your credit card accounts.

Some bonus offers are usually triggered by paying your annual dues while some cards give bonus points through a minimum spending requirement during the first few months.

In a recent report by Australian Frequent Flyer, it is actually possible to turn your Woolworths? Everyday Rewards loyalty scheme to your advantage.

Big bonus points can be obtained in two ways:

- Open multiple accounts and do your grocery shopping on all cards

- Use two cards at a time when paying in order to trick the supermarket computer that you spend less

The report also found out that upgrading is the best way to redeem your points at Woolworths.

Mr. Mason of Point Hack also suggested that members should consider other frequent flyer programs offered by other airlines if they earn their points mainly from traveling by air. Conversely, if they earn points mostly from credit cards, they should look for credit cards that allow points transfer.

A Qantas spokeswoman said that members can also earn points when using Qantas Cash to load foreign currencies on their Qantas card during their travels or booking a room on Qantas Hotels.

A spokesman of a consumer group Choice, however, advised travelers to compare prices from multiple airlines and choose the best deal to get the best travel experience rather than earn points.