Qantas Gets Approval From IASC

11th Jun 2013

Qantas' application for freight re-allocation to certain routes has been approved by the International Air Services Commission (IASC).

IASC, or the International Air Services Commission, has recently issued a range of determinations to the airline allowing Qantas to re-allocate capacity on several routes in its network.

The flag carrier has been allowed to a freight capacity of 35 tonnes on its Papua New Guinea route. It was also permitted to increase its cargo capacity to Vietnam with a re-allocation of a dedicated cargo service every week.

The IASC also allowed the airline to increase its seat capacity to China with the addition of 2,301 slots.

The agency also approved the application of two other airlines for cargo and seat entitlements.

Pacific Air Express was also given freight entitlements to increase its frequency to Nauru in the South Pacific to three each week per direction.

Virgin Australia, likewise, got a re-allocation from IASC of 720 seats each week on its Indonesian route.