Qantas Gets Australians Out of Bangkok after Bomb Attack

18th Aug 2015

Following a devastating bomb attack on the religious shrine in the Thai capital of Bangkok, which saw at least 22 people die in the blast and 123 more suffering injuries, Qantas Airways has offered help to Australian tourists who want to get back home.

All those who want to cancel their future flights into Bangkok can either choose another destination, or ask for a credit on their unused fares.

The offer extends for tickets purchases before and until 17th August, for travel from the city between 18th August and 25th August this year.

One of those who were lucky enough not to be in the area was Australian musician Jimmy Barnes. He and his family have a split-second decision to thank for not being among the victims.

Namely, Barnes and his family were initially thinking about taking the path next to the shrine, which would have put them directly in the blast radius. Instead, they decided to head to a restaurant using an overhead walkway.

On Tuesday, the rocker said that he wants to get back home as soon as possible:

"I just want to get my family back home in one piece."

The original plan Barnes had was to fly to Australia on Wednesday.

The Australian government has urged travellers to be cautious if they intend to travel to Thailand. In addition, Smart Traveler, Australian government's website warned tourists to stay away from the area affected by the explosion.

Qantas biggest rival Virgin Australia does not operate between Australia and Bangkok.

Thai media have also broadcasted footage of a man who could be the bomber. The man, wearing a yellow T-shirt, was filmed sitting on a bench, taking off a black backpack. After checking his phone, he walks away from the scene.

Police chief Somyot Poompanmoung said:

"We need to look at the before and after CCTV footage to see if there is a link."