Qantas Introduces a New Kangaroo Livery and Dreamliner Interior

1st Nov 2016

Last week, Qantas introduced a few changes to its logo, including a more streamlined "Qantas" typography and an updated kangaroo. The new design, as well as the new seating configuration and the amenities passengers will get on Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliners was revealed on an Airbus A330-300 plane at an event in Sydney.

The airline has brought back the iconic "winged kangaroo" that appeared on its tails between 1960s and 1980s and has now added it to the area under the cockpit window, where the airline's name is also painted.

The classic "Qantas" red & white on the fuselage have remained, whereas the kangaroo has now been added to the inside curved edge of the wingtips. This was done to allow passengers to see the iconic image as they look out of their windows. Also, when passengers now take a picture from inside the plane, the kangaroo logo will be visible.

The Australian airline also added the word "Qantas" to the belly of the plane to increase brand's visibility from the ground, while the "Qantas" on the side of the aircraft is now slimmer and slightly lighter in color.

Qantas has also updated the red-and-white image on the tail for the fifth time since 1944. The last time it did this was in 2007.

How will the Dreamliner Interior Look Like?

The carrier also revealed some of the design for the Dreamliner cabin. Once the first B787s arrive in about a year from now they will be capable of handling 236 passengers ? 166 in Economy Class in a 3-3-3 configuration, 28 in Premium Economy (2-3-2 configuration) and 42 in Business Class (1-2-1 configuration).

Both Economy and Business Class will have self-service bars where passengers can get drinks and snacks. The Economy Class will have 32-inch pitch seats, with a 6-inch recline, a shelf for storing electronic devices, a "foot net" for those who want to take a mid-flight nap, storage space and integrated mood lights. On the other side, Business Class seat will extend to 80 inches into a bed and passengers will be able to be in the recline position "from take-off, right through to landing", according to Qantas.